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Bible Mark Up - Bible Study App


Bible Mark Up enables you to load scripture from the Crossway's ESVBible.org, adjust breaks for arcing, draw lines to indicate relationships, write, circle, underline and much more. Every search is automatically saved to your list of projects, so no need to worry about losing your work.

Get the mobile app on Apple App Store & Google Play.

Bible Mark Up also includes links to an online Strong's Concordance, Greek/Hebrew Lexicon & open source bible commentaries. You can also rotate the screen to drop off most of the tool/info bars, so you can focus in on the scripture passage you're working with.

Bible Mark Up is a great individual bible study tool, but can also be used by Pastors & Bible Teachers to help their congregation learn how to study the scriptures.

We sincerely hope this app increases your joy in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Available Translations/Versions:
English Standard Version
New American Standard
King James Version

Afrikaans: Ou Vertaling
Albanian: Albanian
Amharic: Haile Selassie Amharic Bible
Arabic: Smith and Van Dyke
Chinese: NCV Traditional
Chinese: Union Simplified
Chinese: NCV Simplified
Chinese: Union Traditional
Croatian: Croatian
Danish: Danish
Dutch: Dutch Staten Vertaling
Esperanto: Esperanto
Estonian: Estonian
Finnish: Finnish Bible
French: Martin
German: Luther
Greek: Greek Modern
Greek: Textus Receptus
Hebrew: Aleppo Codex
Hungarian: Hungarian Karoli
Italian: Giovanni Diodati Bible
Norwegian: Bibelselskap
Portuguese: Almeida Atualizada
Spanish: Reina Valera
Swahili: Swahili
Swedish: Swedish
Turkish: Turkish
Vietnamese: Vietnamese (1934)
Xhosa: Xhosa