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Maranatha Technologies specializes in iOS app, Android app, flash & web development. Our goal is to create helpful applications and web solutions that are user-friendly to it's target demographic. Not to turn a profit, but to bring glory and honor to the name of Jesus Christ.

Maranatha is an Aramaic word that the ESV translates, “Our Lord, Come”. This was a prayer used by the early Church to pray for Christ’s return, an expression of love and longing for Jesus (a natural response to the reality of the Gospel). So we seek the good of all peoples not only in developing products, but also in sharing the joy of the Gospel with men and women around the world.

We focus on creating free tools & resources to help build up the Body of Christ. There are quite a few things coming down the pipes that we hope will increase your joy in the faith. We also take on select partnerships and projects, so feel free to reach out if you feel you are a like minded ministry or business.